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Features of EJ lounge

  • 01 free leson

    You can take a Free Trial Lesson.

    It's advisable to do a trial lesson.
    After your trial lesson, you can start taking lessons if you've enjoyed yourself.

  • 01 free leson

    All lessons are private lessons.

    You can learn at your own pace, and complete the course as slowly or quickly as you want. You can choose the content of the lessons.

  • 01 free leson

    You can choose the time and day.

    At EJ lounge, you can choose the dates of your classes based on your schedule.
    You can reschedule your schedule asneeded!
    Choosing the time of your classes allows for continuity.

  • 01 free leson

    Support for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

    EJ lounge can cater for students who wants to do the JLPT test.

  • 01 free leson

    A 30 minute Japanese Skype class.

    These classes are aimed at people who are busy, have no access to a Japanese teacher near them or live abroad.
    If you have a web camera attached to your computer you can experience real time private Japanese lesson.

  • 01 free leson

    Easy pricing.

    Classes are done using a ticket system
    Tickets can be bought for either 4 lessons (Classroom:¥13,200 Skype:¥4,400) or 8 lessons (Classroom:¥26,400 Skype:¥8,800).
    We accept payments through Paypal or cash.However ,for Skype lessons,PayPal only.